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Chamard Vineyards.

115 Cowhill Rd

Clinton, CT 06413

Living in Fairfield County this vineyard is a reasonably quick afternoon drive. Of the vineyards in this part of the state, I would put this one on the must see list. And if you are going to hit a few in the day save this one for sunset.  Live music is often available.  They get a nice sociable crowd.  It can get a little tight in the tasting room you might find more comfort on the deck overlooking the fountain.

 I thought the wines selection was better than decent. 

The first time I visited this vineyard I just happen to walk up on a beautiful sunset.  I ran for my camera to get a shot of the fountain in the foreground.  I was not in the right mood to try the food but later discovered that my suspicion that I was missing something, was spot on. 

The bistro would be a great place for a date.

 If you’re not from around these parts and you like to shop,  you should also take advantage of the near by Clinton outlets.