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Best Vineyards in CT

This is not an attempt to rate the vineyards.  It is a list of the Connecticut Vineyards that I like most.  The list will change from time to time based on my experiences with the Vineyards.

I have been to the 40 vineyards/wineries in the state that were included in the “passport book” for 2018.  So people often ask me “which vineyard should I go to?”.  The answer to that depends on what you are looking for.   Do you also want food?  Or would you prefer to bring your own?  Are you interested in the landscape?  What part of the state are you in or are you willing to travel?

Visit the vineyard pages to see what I like about them.

1) Chamard Vineyards

2) Salt Water Farm Vineyard

3) Priam Vineyards

4) Land of Nod Vineyard and Winery

5) Hopkins Vineyard

6) Arrigoni Winery

7) DiGrazia Vineyard and Winery

8) Gouveia Vineyards

9) Paradise Hills Vineyard

10) Savino Vineyards

11) Jonathan Edwards Winery

12) Brignole Vineyards

13) Hawk Ridge Winery

14) Haight - Brown Vineyard

15) Sunset Meadows Vineyarads

16) Stonington Vineyards

17) Sharpe Hill Vineyards